New Zealand education can assist you in advancing your job possibilities because the institutions and universities are recognized for their excellent standards worldwide. In New Zealand, you may find whatever type of university course you choose. Many Indian students choose New Zealand because of the advanced teaching methods combined with research projects.
Being a vibrant country, New Zealand has become the favorite destination of international students aspiring studying overseas. There are eight universities, eighteen polytechnics, and countless training institutes. Science & Technology, Business & Management, and Technology are some of the most popular programs here. Thus, to help the students accomplish their dream, we guide them and help them achieve their dreams quickly. Over the years, we have been helping the students choose the best courses and handle their visa processes to achieve their visas with no hassles.

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a peaceful place and has great cultural diversity. This is why this becomes the favorite destination of the students to pursue their careers. Moreover, New Zealand offers world-class institutes in which students can take admission. If you are unaware of which career pathway is right for you and which course is right to build a successful career, then we're here to assist you. Our educational consultants’ team is well-versed in the subject knowledge and other things. Even if you have refusal previously, we'll guide you to succeed in the visa process. Here are a few more reasons to choose New Zealand as your destination.

World-Class Institutions
You may be certain of receiving world-class qualification if you educate in New Zealand. The NZQA guarantees that New Zealand credentials are respected and accepted inside and beyond the country. Some of the institutes are on the hit list of the World's top 100 universities. Your degrees will be valued all over the world.

Minimum Tuition Fees
Tuition costs and living expenses are minimal compared to many other nations since the New Zealand institutes provide shorter program choices. Even the living expenses in New Zealand are inexpensive compared to other countries.

Job Ready Courses
The goal of NZ academic institutions is to assist students in gaining the practical knowledge needed in the workplace. New Zealand Institutes provide skill-based training. Students, after completion of the courses, can immediately start working.

Work And Permanent Residency Opportunity
By holding the New Zealand credentials, overseas students are eligible for a three-year Post Study Work Visa. You can bring your spouse and children to New Zealand if you are married.You could even consider making New Zealand your permanent home. Your spouse may be able to obtain a work visa that will allow people to work full-time while you are studying, and your children may attend public school for free.

What is the English Requirement to Study in New Zealand?

Many colleges and institutions in New Zealand exclusively accept IELTS results as proof of Language skills. The following IELTS score standards are only suggestions; each institution or institute will have its reference score for its specific courses.

  • Bachelor's Degree: Overall band score must be 6.0
  • Graduate Diploma: Overall band score must be 6.0
  • Master's Programs: Overall band score must be 6.5

Most organizations and New Zealand immigration accept TOEFL or Pearson's examinations as indicators of a student's English language competence. In most circumstances, the necessary TOEFL or PTE score will be the same as the IELTS benchmark score.

What Are the Documents Checklist Needed to Get the Visa?

  • Visa application form must be completed
  • The student must have a valid passport
  • Educational qualification certificate to be needed
  • IELTS certificate must be in hand
  • Medical certificates and cover letter is needed
  • Letter of acceptance from the recognized institute in which you want to study in New Zealand
  • Finance proof that shows you can handle the funds and other expenses easily.
  • Evidence of the student accommodation, outward travel, employment, and recommendation letter is required.

Why Choose Us for Study Visa Processing?

We are the leading counselors with years of experience in offering students the best visa consultancy services. We have a highly-experienced team of education consultants who guide the students throughout their journey of visa processing. In addition to this, we offer the following services to the students, which are as follows:

  • Consultancy services to choose the right course
  • Our educational consultants guide students about scholarships
  • Departure facilities
  • We assist students in visa processing and help students prepare for the IELTS exams.

Over the years, we've worked hard to provide objective counsel to students and assist them in obtaining visas. Furthermore, we provide our advice in determining the best course of study and selecting the best colleges. We ensure that students receive appropriate coaching and that the procedure is transparent throughout to monitor the progress and obtain their visas quickly. Contact us if you have any questions about studying in New Zealand.